Wireless Network
Penetration Test

Wireless Network Penetration Test

Don’t leave your IT networks open to cyber attack. Identify, fix and prevent future vulnerabilities with the Infrastructure (Network) Penetration Test.

WLAN Penetration Tests are applicable for:
Testing of 2 SSID/ESSIDs with full WLAN assessment, including the identification of rogue access points, non-encrypted data, WEP key security, DOS and MAC spoofing. Please note that this service includes a visit to a single office location to perform on-site testing. Expenses related to site visits will be quoted and billed separately.

Price :£2,250.00 (GBP)

What exactly do I get from a WLAN Penetration Test?

  • A detailed consultation session to identify the depth and breadth of the tests required, with careful scoping of the test environment to establish the exact extent of the testing exercise.
  • A range of manual tests conducted by our team of highly skilled penetration testers using a methodology closely aligned with Open Source Security Testing Methodology (OSSTM).
  • A series of wireless surveys of the scoped environment with automated and manual identification of vulnerabilities.
  • Immediate notification about any critical vulnerabilities identified in order for you to take action quickly.
  • A detailed technical report which details the identified vulnerabilities (ranked in order of significance).
  • A list of recommended countermeasures to address any identified vulnerabilities.
  • An executive summary that explains in business terms what the risks mean – perfect for your management team.

Price :£2,250.00 (GBP)

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